How to use a visa gift card on ebay

To use your VISA gift card online, you need to register it.  Check the back of the card for instructions.

Once registered, you can add it to your Paypal account Wallet as a prepaid card. You cannot split a payment between multiple debit / credit / prepaid cards and / or bank accounts.

Add the card to your Paypal account.Then use it to purchase a $25 eBay digital gift card.

Don’t forget to select this card as your funding source during checkout. You CAN use up to 8 eBay gift cards totalling no more than $500 for a single purchase payment.

You CAN split a payment between eBay gift card(s) and one debit / credit / prepaid card or bank account.

eBay gift cards are applied to payments during checkout when you are purchasing something.  They cannot be added to your account ahead of time.

When you are making a purchase, proceed to checkout.Assuming you will be using eBay’s new version of checkout

( 1 ) On the first page of checkout, select Paypal as your payment method.

( 2 ) A small window will appear for you to log in to your Paypal account.

( 3 ) Once log in is completed, the small window will vanish.

( 4 ) Scroll down & input your eBay gift card code, click Apply.

( 5 ) Repeat ( 4 ) for additional codes.

( 6 ) Verify that your shipping address is correct.

( 7 ) If the gift card(s) were not enough to cover the full cost of the item, verify that your additional funding source (bank account or credit card) at the top of the page is correct.

( 8 ) Click [ Confirm and pay ].

If you don’t use the entire card balance, the residual amount will remain on the card AND will be permanently attached to your Paypal account.

eBay accepts Gift cards from the major credit card companies when you use PayPal to apply the card. Only one credit/debit/prepaid card or checking account can be applied to each PayPal funded purchase.

The default action on PayPal is to use your PayPal balance as the funding source, with the card or checking account selected as backup when the PayPal balance falls short.

If you choose the PayPal option to use another funding source, and choose your Gift card, the Gift card balance must be sufficient to cover the entire purchase. It does not appear that PayPal will cover the shortage from your PayPal balance.

To use a prepaid card, first, call the number on the back of the card and add your registered PayPal address to the card.

Then, log into your PayPal account and add your Visa Prepaid (gift) card to your wallet, as shown in the image below.

When you go to checkout on eBay, select PayPal as your payment method, and while on PayPal select your Gift Card as the funding source. When you close the PayPal window, you will re returned to your eBay checkout screen where you can complete your purchase.