Samsung Gift Card Balance: Check Online, Phone, Store

Samsung Gift Card Balance

You can check Samsung gift card balance online by first going to Customer Service page. Once there, click on Start Session button under Chat with Us section to contact their customer service and check your balance.

Samsung Gift Card Balance Check

You can check Samsung gift card balance online on our website or call Samsung at 1-800-726-7864. You can also visit any Samsung store and inquire a cashier to check the balance for you.

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Online:Check Balance Online

The balance of your gift card will usually display in Samsung Pay. However, some merchants do not share this information. To check your card balance, open Samsung Pay, tap the Wallet tab, and then tap the GIFT tab. Tap the card you want to view, and the gift card balance will be displayed on the card’s detail screen. To refresh the balance, tap the Refresh icon.

Buy samsung gift card

You can buy a digital gift card through Samsung Pay and send it to a friend. Open Samsung Pay on your phone, and tap Gift store. From there, you can tap Search, and then enter the gift card you want.

How to buy samsung gift card online

Or, you can view the available gift cards by swiping down or sorting them into different categories.

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